Note: Call recording may be illegal in some jurisdictions. Please refer to the laws in your jurisdiction before you setup call recording for your teams. RoloCRM assumes no liability that may arise from from your usage of call recordings.

There are two things you need to do to setup call recording on RoloCRM

1. Enable call recording on your phone

2. Enable call recording on RoloCRM

Enabling call recording on your phone

Native Call Recording

If your phone supports call recording, you need to enable call recording for all calls. To know how to enable call recording on your phone, search google for

"<phone model> automatic call recording" 

where you must replace <phone model> with the actual model of the phone you use. For example, if you use a Redmi Note 8, search google for 

"Redmi Note8 automatic call recording" 

You will find plenty of tutorials online on how to enable automatic call recording on your phone. Ensure that you enable call recording for "ALL CALLS"

Note: Even though your phone will record all calls, RoloCRM will upload only customer call recordings.

Click here to learn how to setup automatic call recording for some popular phone models.

Third Party Call Recording
Some phones do not support call recording natively. You might have to install call recording apps to record calls. You can try installing a call recording app to enable call recording.

Note: If you reach out to us via support, we may recommend a few call recording apps. But we are not affiliated with any of these apps in anyway. You are installing these apps at your own risk. We are not responsible for any unfavorable outcome that results from installing these apps.

Enabling call recording on RoloCRM

Open RoloCRM and click on the menu on the top left.

Click on Settings

Click on Conversation Settings

Click on 'Upload Call Recording to CRM'

Give the necessary permissions

If your phone supports call recording natively, select 'Native call recorder'

If you had to download a third party call recorder, select '3rd party call recorder'