If you send or receive emails from your customers, you may want to record these emails as a part of customer history on RoloCRM. Use the instructions below to add your email accounts to RoloCRM.


  1. RoloCRM supports both GSuite and Office365/Outlook
  2. You need to connect an email account to RoloCRM using this approach. RoloCRM will record all emails you send or receive from customers on this email id
  3. RoloCRM does not yet support composing emails within the app.


The option "Upload Emails to CRM Server" works as follows

1. If you enable this option, emails will get uploaded to RoloCRM servers. As a result, you can view emails even on the web version of RoloCRM.

2. If you don't enable this option, emails will stay on your phone. We will not move them to our servers. However, this also means that if you want to view email history on the desktop web app, you will need to sync your email accounts separately on the desktop.