RoloCRM automatically logs customer calls and SMS messages. But that starts only on the day you add a contact to RoloCRM.

How about older calls and SMSes? We've got you covered. You can import logs of past calls and SMS messages into RoloCRM.

Here is how you can do it.

Open RoloCRM and click on menu. Once you are inside the menu, click on settings.

Once you are inside the menu, click on settings.

Click on Contacts

Click on "Import Call & SMS History"

Select a start date. RoloCRM will import all calls and SMSes that you have exchanged with your contacts after 

this date. Once you have selected an appropriate start date, click on apply.

RoloCRM will now start to scan your phone for older calls and SMSes. Once it is done RoloCRM will show you a count of old calls and SMSes. Click 'IMPORT'.

RoloCRM will start importing these records. Once it is done you will receive a notification.

1. Interaction History will be imported only for those contacts that are in RoloCRM
2. If you want to perform this import more than once, please ensure that the dates do not overlap. You could end up with duplicate logs.