1. Mobile App: From the Import Contacts option under Settings->Contacts. Multiple contacts can be selected from the phone for addition. 
  2. Mobile App: From the Call and SMS logs. Default display in the Calls and Messages tabs shows interactions related to CRM contacts only. Clicking on “All Calls” or “All SMS” will show all call logs and SMS messages retrieved from the phone. When you are in the “All Calls” view, you can tap the icon on the left and provide the name and company to add a Customer contact
  3. Mobile App: From the Contacts tab, tap the “+” floating button on the bottom right and add a contact
  4. Mobile App: Scanning Visiting Cards: Visiting cards (or business cards) can be scanned using RoloCRM app to add Contact information.
    • Tap Visiting Cards from the Hamburger Menu on the top left
    • Use the camera icon to capture the contact information.
    • Once the results of the scanning are available, enter any other contact information and tap "Add to Contact".
  5. Web App (when Rolo is used as the CRM): Use the Import option in the Contacts menu to import contacts from a CSV file. This is the recommended method to add contacts in bulk. You can import up to 1000 contacts in each CSV file. To add more than 1000 contacts, you can repeat the import as needed. All contacts uploaded from a CSV file will be mapped to the same Contact Type based on the user selection during the upload process.
  6. Web App (when Rolo is used as the CRM): From the Add Contact option in the Contacts menu 


  • Contacts added by a team member will be automatically “Assigned” to that team member. Once the contacts are in the system, multiple contacts can be selected and re-assigned to other team members by the Admin. The same contact can be assigned to more than one team member.


  • In the Contacts tab, filters are available to view subsets of contacts based on the following criteria. Contacts can be filtered based on:
    • Assignee: The User to whom Contacts have been assigned. This capability would be available for Admin Users. 
    • Contact Types:  The Contact type could be Lead or Customer or other custom defined Type(s) etc. 
    • Contact History: Whether the Contact has be been contacted earlier or not.
    • Recently Added: When the Contact was added to RoloCRM – Eg. Today, Last 7 days etc.